The Concept

We were tired of paying expensive entrance fees to clubs only to be met by an almost empty room with a dull atmosphere. That's why we created Lava; an app that can figure out the intensity of a party by measuring the movement and the amount of people in one place. With Lava we wanted to share the best parties with everyone. Everywhere. 

Onboarding strategy

In order for Lava to run smoothly and present accurate data to the users right when the application launched we needed a large user base. We came up with an onboarding strategy centered on exclusivity; something the nightlife loves. After downloading the app the only way to get a chance to access Lava when upon launch is by getting an invitation. The first people to get an invitation to Lava would have to participate in exclusive nightclub events co-hosted by Lava. The invitation would place them in a queue where the user would have to invite more people in order to move up in the queue. On launch day the top queuers would get access to the app. 
This would ensure that Lava would have a lot of users within the target audience already before the launch of the app. 

What I did

I did ideation, Concept Development, Market research and On-boarding strategy. 
I looked into how many people in the age group from 18-30 lived in Scandinavia, how many of them went clubbing and how many of them we'd have to reach out to in order to ensure a high enough number of active users.