Paraply Pop-up


The brief

​The local event company 'Paraply Production' reached out to us because they were struggling to attract the 18-26 year olds to their events. We had 78 hours to figure out a way to do so.

The solution

​The solution was a website where you'd be able to create your own event suggestions. Once it's created it will be stored in the event library, free to access for anyone, so that people could like, comment, and share it. If your event made it to the Top 10, who knows? It might become a reality. 

This would be a simple way to understand exactly what the target audience wanted and make them feel included. Paraply Production could then choose if they wanted to use it as an idea bank for inspiration or make the most popular events come alive.  


Not having enough time to do thorough research, we had to use other methods. Since we were all in the target audience we tried finding insights from our own lifes. Through discussion we found that one thing we all had in common was: At one point we all had a great idea for creating an event without having the means to make it a reality. Then we started brainstorming around how Paraply could make this possible.


What I did

I did Ideation, concept development and UX/UI. After we created the outline of the concept i started working on the information architecture of the website. I made sure that creating an event on the service would have the right balance between allowing people to be creative and still not exceed what Paraply was capable of doing.