Conceptualize and deliver a launch campaign that will create buzz around the recruitment service 'Talentpool' as well as recruit people for the service. 


After we got the brief we started looking at competitors, sending out surveys, and do personas. When we had got a better idea of what the landscape of recruitment looked like today we started brainstorming around a series of "how might we" questions to figure out how to engage and connect with the target audience. The biggest challenge was how to create a recruitment system that would be fun and different but still ensure quality among the applicants.

The Solution

The solution was "TalentPitch", a campaign that would spread buzz around Talentpool by letting people apply and challenge their friends in a fun and engaging way. 


Talentpool current website was loaded with a lot of text. Looking at Google analytics it showed that people spent very little time on each page, and most people left the webpage shortly after they entered it. With that in mind I wanted to boil the information down and make TalentPitch as simple as possible, so we'd not demotivate and loose the visitor in the process of finishing the application.    

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What I did

My role in this project was UX and interaction designer.
After we had made the outline of the concept I started sketching the user flow. One of the big question was how the campaign would work in relation to the existing website, and how we could combine a campaign with a recruitment system. We decided to make a countdown to the launch of Talentpool displayed on Talentpools homepage encouraging people to take the test and a simple 'challenge' function in the end of the test aiming towards all competitive applicants looking to challenge their friends.